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All my Lego Technic creations

Second Agrifac

Hi, a year ago I built a Agrifac Condor as you may have seen. And here’s a second one laugh


Agrifac Condor Fold-out

Hi, as a bonus, I made some photos from above while my Lego Technic Agrifac Condor is folding out and edited them in PaintShop to one photo. Enjoy!

MOC Lego Technic Agrifac Condor

Hello everyone! 3 weeks ago I posted a post wink that I was making an Agrifac Condor. And it's done!

This MOC is inspired by the Agrifac Condor which is an agricultural self propelled sprayer. It's used for crop protection. 
Thanks for watching this video, and stay tuned for the next one with a real Agrifac Condor!

And here are some photos.

Here is the post of Agrifac on their Facebook page laugh

Feel free to comment!!

Instructions Lift Gate


A while ago I posted my Lego Technic Truck with Lift Gate. Somebody at Eurobricks asked if I could make a LDD File for the lift gate mechanism. Here it is:

Instructions Lift Gate Instructions (click on the blue link)

LDD File Lift Gate (click on the blue link)

Bye! If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

MOC Delivery Van with Lift Gate

Hi, this is my Lego Technic Truck with Lift Gate (MOC). This truck has a lift gate which works like a real one. I tried many versions and this was the best one. The lift gate works with 3 small actuators and it's pretty strong.
Thanks for watching and have a nice day!

If you have some questions, feel free to ask.


Lego Technic Bus

Today I uploaded my new Lego Technic Bus. 

It has a few functions:

  • Working doors (front and rear)
  • Drive
  • Steering

The bus has pneumatic pump, a pneumatic switch, a thin large pneumatic cilinder and 5 motors:

  • XL motor for drive
  • Servo Motor for steering
  • Two M motors for the doors
  • One M motor for the pneumatic pump

The video:

Lego Technic Off Road Car

This car is good for offroad driving

Lego Technic Tracked Vehicle

For the Lego Contest to win a Tracked Vehicle. 

Lego Technic Forklift Truck

Lego Technic Forklift Truck. I made it to be small and it's small laugh

Lego Technic WheelieBull (Instructions)

The Lego Technic WheelieBull can make wheelies. For more information, look the video.

There are also instructions available for the Lego Technic WheelieBull:

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