Today I spend the whole morning to make an app for the Lego Medical Assistance, I'm building. The app must send a file to the robot which the robot can read. The file from the robot needs a Carriage Return (Enter) and Line Feed. 

CRLF NXT The NXT only reads numbers which are divided by a Carriage Return and Line Feed.


The problem was that Appinventor ( don't place a Carriage Return. It places only the Line Feed between two lines when you type in ''/n'' (for Line Feed).

LF NXTAppinvenor only place Line Feed. 


So I tried it a differend way. I make a list called Medicines and tried to save that. And it worked! But the only problem was that it now placed '' around the numbers.

CRLF NXT2It now placed '' around the numbers. But the problem with the Carriage Return is solved.


The NXT doesn't read the ''. So that was another problem. My mother found a solution on the Internet. You must use a replace element for the text in Appinventor. You fill in the file and what you want to replace. I wanted to replace the '' for nothing so at the ''replacement'' I place a textbox with noting. And now I have a file which the NXT can read laugh.