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Problem with photos

Unfortunately there is a problem with all the photos. I updated the last post and I’m working on the rest… Sorry for the inconvenience.

Lego Technic Vredo VT4556

Hi everyone, best wishes for 2020!

Here’s my newest creation. A Vredo VT4556. This machine is a self-propelled slurry spreader/injector for farming purposes.

My Lego version has full independent suspension, 3 types of steering, a movable disk injector (and suction arm) and it has a lot of lights. However this is not the only video I will be posting, but it may take a little while because I’m really busy with school at the moment..


Thanks for reading and don’t forget to stay tuned for the technical details! 😀


Edit (6-1-2020): Vredo just shared it on their Facebook page


Lego Technic Bus Doors Explanation

Hi there,

I’ve got a (good) question about the Lego Technic Bus I made in 2016 . The question was about the door mechanism and where the motors are placed.

Sadly, I didn’t make any building instructions, or good photos of the mechanical details, so I needed to do some research…

In a failed video, I found a little glimps of the motors for the door mechanism. As you can see, they are placed at the middle part of the bus. So there’s an axle (for the front door mechanism) running from the middle to the front. As you can see, the motor is placed sideways, so somewhere there is a 90 degree bend (with some gears). But I don’t know exactly where…

The motors are connected with an axle and some ‘axle hinges’. Here’s a small instruction I made for the door mechanism. Lego Technic Bus Door Mechanism Instructions (click on the link, then on the picture). Those green pieces are for guiding the door. And of course, they don’t have to be green.. 😛


Hopefully this little post clarifies a lot 😉

Details and instructions Agrifac Condor

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the delay, but here is the technical details video. In this video, I go more into the mechanical systems that work inside the Lego version of the Agrifac Condor. For example the booms, but also the steering and driving.

The instructions are also available, you can find them in my shop.


Thanks for reading/watching, have a nice day and happy building!

Second Agrifac

Hi, a year ago I built a Agrifac Condor as you may have seen. And here’s a second one  😛


Trip with Lego Technic Agrifac Condor

Hi, here’s my video with the Lego Technic Agrifac Condor. A few weeks ago I went to Agrifac located in Steenwijk. Hope you like it and stay tuned for the next video with technical details.

Agrifac Condor Fold-out

Hi, as a bonus, I made some photos from above while my Lego Technic Agrifac Condor is folding out and edited them in PaintShop to one photo. Enjoy!

MOC Lego Technic Agrifac Condor

Hello everyone! 3 weeks ago I posted a post 😉 that I was making an Agrifac Condor. And it’s done!

This MOC is inspired by the Agrifac Condor which is an agricultural self propelled sprayer. It’s used for crop protection.
Thanks for watching this video, and stay tuned for the next one with a real Agrifac Condor!

And here are some photos.

Here is the post of Agrifac on their Facebook page 😀

Feel free to comment!!

WIP Lego Technic Agrifac Condor

Hi, welcome back! In the previous post I said that I was making something special. And here is a preview. The first Lego Technic Agrifac Condor. 


I hope you like it!


Instructions Lift Gate


A while ago I posted my Lego Technic Truck with Lift Gate. Somebody at Eurobricks asked if I could make a LDD File for the lift gate mechanism. Here it is:

Instructions Lift Gate Instructions (click on the blue link)

LDD File Lift Gate (click on the blue link)

Bye! If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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