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Name: Paul Klop

Age: 19

Hobby: Building with Lego (Technic), making videos for YouTube and doing things with the computer.


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  1. Hello, i wanted to congratulate you for Van, you are very good, i have a question to ask for, to do the van cabin and sciassi what did you inspire? Because I have a project just that with the new lego I feel embarrassed, and I should do a van type like yours, just without box but with other things, thank you very much for any answer

    • Sorry for my late answer.. I often recieve a lot of spam so I check my comments occasionally. I hope it isn't a problem.

      My van isn't inspired by any type of van. I searched on Google for some pictures of trucks and I designed a cabin an cassis myself. You can use it as you want, but the only problem is that I don't have instructions for it. Only for the lift gate. You can have a look at the photo's and if you have any question, please let me know!.

      Here are some detailed photos of the cabin.

      Thank you very much for your comment!

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