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The Lego Candy Machines I made

Lego Snickers Candy Machine

Hello, this time I made a Lego Snickers Candy Machine. If you put 2 Kroner in the slot, you can push and pull the lever and you get a Snickers. 

Here is the video and a photo. I hope this helps if you want to make it. 


Lego Maoam Candy Machine

A bonus video for 1000 views on my YouTube channel

Lego Easter Egg Machine V2

Because the first Easter Egg Machine was a great succes I made a new one. 

Lego Smarties Machine

Thank you all for watching this video. This is my best viewed video after the Lego Snickers Machine video. 🙂

Lego Easter Egg Machine

This is my first Lego NXT machine on YouTube. 

Lego Candy Machine

This is my first Lego Candy Machine and also the first video on my channel.

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