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All my Lego Technic creations

Lego Technic Bus

Today I uploaded my new Lego Technic Bus. 

It has a few functions:

  • Working doors (front and rear)
  • Drive
  • Steering

The bus has pneumatic pump, a pneumatic switch, a thin large pneumatic cilinder and 5 motors:

  • XL motor for drive
  • Servo Motor for steering
  • Two M motors for the doors
  • One M motor for the pneumatic pump

The video:

Lego Technic Off Road Car

This car is good for offroad driving

Lego Technic Tracked Vehicle

For the Lego Contest to win a Tracked Vehicle. 

Lego Technic Forklift Truck

Lego Technic Forklift Truck. I made it to be small and it’s small 😀

Lego Technic WheelieBull (Instructions)

The Lego Technic WheelieBull can make wheelies. For more information, look the video.

There are also instructions available for the Lego Technic WheelieBull:

Lego Technic Big Crane

This is my first Lego Technic video on my channel. 

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