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Lego NXT Axle Sorter

Lego NXT Axle Sorter


  1. Hi Paul!

    I love your work!

    Do you have the building instructions and part list for Lego NXT Axle Sorter?


    • Hi,

      Thank you! Sorry, I don’t have the building instructions for the Axle Sorter. I built it a long time ago and it doesn’t work very good. But as you maybe have seen, there are some NXT files available for download.

      The main thing of the machine is the conveyor belt. I had one ‘loading’ belt and one ‘reading’ belt. They both moved independently. The ‘loading’ belt goes very slow and if the color sensor ‘sees’ an axle, the ‘loading’ belt stops and moves a little bit back. Then the reading belt is driven at a constant speed and the color sensor can measure the length of the axle by calculating it from the speed and time. (you can see it here in the video at 2:00)

      The ‘car’ transports the axle to the right point controlled by a IR sender from HiTechnic (I don’t know if that’s from LEGO but it works :P) and the distance is measured by a ultrasonic sensor. This is the parts where the machine failes the most.

      Thanks for your comment and if you want to know more, please ask!


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