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MOC Delivery Van with Lift Gate

Hi, this is my Lego Technic Truck with Lift Gate (MOC). This truck has a lift gate which works like a real one. I tried many versions and this was the best one. The lift gate works with 3 small actuators and it's pretty strong.
Thanks for watching and have a nice day!

If you have some questions, feel free to ask.


Lego Technic Old Race Car

Hello everyone! Today I post my new Lego Technic Creation on my site and on my YouTube channel. Here's the video:

For the front suspension I made instructions. You can found the instructions here: I also made a LDD (Lego Digital Designer) file what is in the same folder. Or you can watch the instructions video

If you have any questions or you would like to see some photos, please say it in the comments.

WIP 2 Delivery van

Welcome! This is my second WIP post of the delivery van and it’s finished. I need to remove the double tires at the back 🙁 but now there is some spave for the lift gate. If I’ve some time, I make a video and post it on my YouTube channel. And I also do a post on Eurobricks.

Here are some photos of the finished delivery van.

Lego NXT Axle Sorter

Hi everyone!


After sorting out your Lego’s you’re left with a huge pile of axles… I made a solution for that problem 😀

Here’s the Lego NXT Axle Sorter


Put you’re axles into the loading container and the robot does the work for you


Here are some photos if you’re interested in the design. It’s not much but with a little help of the video you can make something similar I guess.. Otherwise, please leave a comment 😉


This thing I used to dispense only one axle at the time into the machine;



NXT Programs: Lego NXT Axle Sorter

If you have any questions, please let me know!




Lego 40223 Snowglobe *Christmas* op YouTube

I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year! 

Lego 42054 

Hi, this time a second review of this year, the Claas Xerion! I hope you like the video. 

200 subscibers! 

Hello there, thank you all for the 200 subscribers on my YouTube channel! In 2/3 years I reached finally 200 subs. Thank you for your support! If you have any ideas to make from Lego Technic. Please let me know.


Lego World 2016

Hello everyone! At October 19, 2016 I went with a friend to Lego World in Utrecht, Holland. It was a very nice trip and cool to see so much Lego and Lego fans. Here is a video with my highlights.


Lego Technic Truck and Trailer (Convoi Ecxeptionnel)

I just uploaded my new creation on YouTube. 

Lego Technic Truck and Trailer (Convoi Exceptionnel)
This is a Lego Technic Truck which is specially made for the Lego Technic 42053 set. The truck itself is geared down 1:2.779. It's driven by a L motor and has approximately 97,9 RPM. It has a servo motor for steering.

The trailer equipped with two M motors. One for the ramps and one for the small cylinder which attaches and detaches the trailer.
The whole model has remote controlled lights.

For more details:

Lego Technic Bus

Today I uploaded my new Lego Technic Bus.

It has a few functions:

  • Working doors (front and rear)
  • Drive
  • Steering

The bus has pneumatic pump, a pneumatic switch, a thin large pneumatic cilinder and 5 motors:

  • XL motor for drive
  • Servo Motor for steering
  • Two M motors for the doors
  • One M motor for the pneumatic pump

The video:

Update (16-12-2019): Instruction Door Mechanism

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