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Lego 42053 Volvo EW160E (Review)

Lego 42053 Volvo EW160E (Review)
This is my first review of a Lego set. Thank you for watching!
Pros and cons:
– Very good design and good detail
– It includes 2 pumps (one large and one small)
– The large pump works really good

– It’s a little bit wobly when you use the large pump
– It’s difficult to use the switches.

But overal it’s a very nice design and a good piece donor.

Lego NXT Medi (Medicine Assistant)

A8090139b - kopie

MEDI is a prototype of a robot which helps people to take the correct amount
of medicines at the right moments. It's called MEDI because Medi
is a friendly maiden name and the robot must be friendly to the users.
The android app is made with:
For more information: See the photos

01_Cartoon Medi503_Conveyor MEDI2 04_Units MEDI3 05_Lego NXT Medi Stroomdiagram3


How I make my removable stickers for Lego creations 

Hello everyone! I am stickering my Lego bus and I need to make custom stickers. I also made stickers for the ANWB Rally Service Truck and for the Lego Medi. Here is a step-by-step instruction how I make my custom stickers:

Material list

  • normal paper
  • scissors
  • double sided tape
  • Adhesive (one side sticky) window film


  1. Design your stickers on the computer and print on normal paper.
  2. Cut out your design a little bit bigger.
  3. Take the double sided tape and stick your design on one side.
  4. Peel of the other side of the double sided tape and stick it to the non-sticky side of the window film.
  5. Now cut out your design how you want it to be.
  6. Peel of the paper (from the window film) and apply your sticker to the Lego piece.

MA app (Carriage Return problem)

Today I spend the whole morning to make an app for the Lego Medical Assistance, I’m building. The app must send a file to the robot which the robot can read. The file from the robot needs a Carriage Return (Enter) and Line Feed.

CRLF NXT The NXT only reads numbers which are divided by a Carriage Return and Line Feed.


The problem was that Appinventor ( don’t place a Carriage Return. It places only the Line Feed between two lines when you type in ”/n” (for Line Feed).

LF NXTAppinvenor only place Line Feed.


So I tried it a differend way. I make a list called Medicines and tried to save that. And it worked! But the only problem was that it now placed ” around the numbers.

CRLF NXT2It now placed ” around the numbers. But the problem with the Carriage Return is solved.


The NXT doesn’t read the ”. So that was another problem. My mother found a solution on the Internet. You must use a replace element for the text in Appinventor. You fill in the file and what you want to replace. I wanted to replace the ” for nothing so at the ”replacement” I place a textbox with noting. And now I have a file which the NXT can read 😀 .


(Friend) Porsche 804

My friend built a very nice Porsche 804 for the Lego Porsche Contest. I hope he goes to Stuttgard!

Lego Snickers Candy Machine

Hello, this time I made a Lego Snickers Candy Machine. If you put 2 Kroner in the slot, you can push and pull the lever and you get a Snickers. 

Here is the video and a photo. I hope this helps if you want to make it. 


Lego Mini GBC Module

This is a Lego GBC Module which drives with a single M motor and a 9V trafo.

Lego NXT Mind Game (Master Mind)

This Lego NXT Robot plays the game Master Mind with you. You try (in 5 times) to guess the colorcode and then you win the game. On the screen you can see the colors what you have guessed the five times: R=red B=blue Y=yellow G=green. At the right side of the line is a number. The number is the score how many balls are in the right place. 

Lego Technic Off Road Car

This car is good for offroad driving

Lego Maoam Candy Machine

A bonus video for 1000 views on my YouTube channel

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