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MA app (Carriage Return problem)

Today I spend the whole morning to make an app for the Lego Medical Assistance, I’m building. The app must send a file to the robot which the robot can read. The file from the robot needs a Carriage Return (Enter) and Line Feed.

CRLF NXT The NXT only reads numbers which are divided by a Carriage Return and Line Feed.


The problem was that Appinventor ( don’t place a Carriage Return. It places only the Line Feed between two lines when you type in ”/n” (for Line Feed).

LF NXTAppinvenor only place Line Feed.


So I tried it a differend way. I make a list called Medicines and tried to save that. And it worked! But the only problem was that it now placed ” around the numbers.

CRLF NXT2It now placed ” around the numbers. But the problem with the Carriage Return is solved.


The NXT doesn’t read the ”. So that was another problem. My mother found a solution on the Internet. You must use a replace element for the text in Appinventor. You fill in the file and what you want to replace. I wanted to replace the ” for nothing so at the ”replacement” I place a textbox with noting. And now I have a file which the NXT can read 😀 .


(Friend) Porsche 804

My friend built a very nice Porsche 804 for the Lego Porsche Contest. I hope he goes to Stuttgard!

Lego Snickers Candy Machine

Hello, this time I made a Lego Snickers Candy Machine. If you put 2 Kroner in the slot, you can push and pull the lever and you get a Snickers. 

Here is the video and a photo. I hope this helps if you want to make it. 


Lego Mini GBC Module

This is a Lego GBC Module which drives with a single M motor and a 9V trafo.

Lego NXT Mind Game (Master Mind)

This Lego NXT Robot plays the game Master Mind with you. You try (in 5 times) to guess the colorcode and then you win the game. On the screen you can see the colors what you have guessed the five times: R=red B=blue Y=yellow G=green. At the right side of the line is a number. The number is the score how many balls are in the right place. 

Lego Technic Off Road Car

This car is good for offroad driving

Lego Maoam Candy Machine

A bonus video for 1000 views on my YouTube channel

Lego Technic Tracked Vehicle

For the Lego Contest to win a Tracked Vehicle. 

Lego NXT Race Timer

Race Timer from Lego Mindstorms

Lego Easter Egg Machine V2

Because the first Easter Egg Machine was a great succes I made a new one. 

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